Introducing: IntelliCart (LTI)

Get Students, Get Teaching, Get Paid.

Easy to get started

Intuitive dashboards

Simplified shopper interface

Built with flexibility in mind.

Offer coupons, bundle courses, and other purchase options Configure reporting and gain insights to your course figures Integration to multiple LMS platforms out of the box

From the bookstore to central offices, time, personnel, and resources are stretched.

Why add unnecessary steps?

Remove hassle & human error.

Streamlined & done. It's that simple!

Don't be left behind!

Dynamic course catalogues

Streamlined checkout procedure

Automated payment processing


Full Financial Management & Control Pick the options that work best for you

Course subscriptions, per seat purchases, and additional enrollment choices Financial reports to monitor costs and define ROI


FAQ Have questions? We're here to help! Q : Do I need the IntelliBoardNext application to use IntelliCart? A : Yes. Both work in unison to deliver the ultimate user experience! Q: Can I charge/tax different audiences differently for specific content? A: Leverage vendor functionality to have

different catalogs (and prices) for different audiences and regions.

Q : How do I know IntelliCart will work for my organization? A : We build around you!

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Your Trusted LMS eCommerce Solution


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